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What is Marine Matcher?

Marine Matcher is a free matchmaking service between marine construction contractors and customers. It is our goal to find the best in the business of marine construction—from hydraulic dredging all the way to marina construction—to help suit your needs. We will provide you with free estimates, potential contractors, and more.

How Does Marine Matcher Work?

For Customers

Have a marine construction project you’re ready to get started on? Having a hard time finding the best contractors? Marine Matcher makes it simple and easy. First, fill out our free estimate request form. This will help us collect information about your project so we can provide you with an accurate estimate and match you to the best contractors. Next, just wait for an email! Our experts will reach out to you with your estimate and qualified local contractors. From there, select the contractor you wish to work with and get your project rolling!

For Contractors

As a contractor, one of the most difficult things to do is find new clients. Marine Matcher makes it fast and easy. If you provide marine construction services and are ready to start receiving more leads for free, claim your listing today. Once your listing is claimed and approved, you will be added to Marine Matcher’s certified contractors and listings within your service area. In addition to this, you will receive emails from individuals interested in your services once they have undergone the customer process.

History of Marine Matcher

Lance Beaudry

Ben Gezon (left) and Lance Beaudry (right) founded Marine Matcher in 2020 after working together for many years developing search engine optimization for a local rock revetment company. During this process, they repeatedly received requests from people needing marine construction assistance on smaller projects—a market that was underserved. These people would dig through company after company on Google, only to find out that they did not handle smaller projects, and have to repeat the process over again. Ben and Lance knew that there were contractors who could serve these individuals, but there still was not a singular place that they could go to look for them. From this, Marine Matcher was created. With their expertise, Ben and Lance are ready to help people connect with the right contractors.


"To promote successful transactions by both educating consumers and connecting them with the very best marine service providers."


Ron C.

West Olive, MI

Leon and his crew at White Lake Dock & Dredge were incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They were also extremely friendly. All aspects of the project were explained in terms I could easily understand and were very proactive in their communication. Many hours were spent with me watching their work and interacting with Leon and his team. They didn't object to my "supervision" and were always happy to humor me with answers to my many questions. They were dependable and trustworthy, and their rock revetment work allows me to sleep at night as I know my home will be safe from the eroding shoreline for many years to come. Thank you guys!

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