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Rip Rap Services in Ypsilanti, MI

Protect the value of your property by defending your shoreline from erosion with high-quality rip rap.

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Commercial and Residential Ypsilanti Rip Rap

Are you working on a residential seawall or in need of a long-lasting material for your commercial property’s erosion control? At Marine Matcher, we offer both residential and commercial rip rap services in the Ypsilanti, MI area, and are ready to connect you with a licensed contractor that fits your budget and timeframe.

Why Rip Rap?

Rip rap, a covering of large, angular, loose rocks or chunked-concrete mixed with sand, is a form of property protection. It shields soil and sand from stormwater runoff and rising water levels, mitigating damaging and costly erosion.

A rip rap wall works by absorbing energy from the water and deflecting it from impacting the surrounding area. Rip rap is a great choice for a seawall, both for its durability and its natural appearance, which blends in better than a concrete block seawall or sheet metal seawall.

What's the Best Time for Rip Rap Services in Ypsilanti, MI?

In Ypsiltanti, rip rap can be installed in the spring, summer, or fall. Installing a rip rap protective barrier in winter is not recommended. The installation would not be able to be effectively completed due to heavy layers of snow.

How Much Does Rip Rap Cost?

The cost of rip rap installation varies depending on the type of rip rap you pick and the contractor that you choose to work with.

Rip rap is priced per square foot. Lower end, non grouted rip rap gravel can start around $45, while high quality, grouted rip rap can be hundreds of thousands. In addition to the type, your installation estimate will be based on the necessity of heavy equipment and the length of the project. The process of designing and building a rip rap retaining wall is estimated at $2,200/linear foot and up.

The best way to solicit bids for rip rap rock landscaping is by asking contractors for their expert opinion on different varieties of rip rap. Don’t be afraid to request multiple quotes that vary with the design and quality of the rip rap. Take your time comparing these estimates before selecting a contractor that can create a beautiful, protective rip rap barrier that keeps your property intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Matched with a Contractor?

Take just a few minutes to enter your information and project details into our database. From there, we will connect you with contractors that fit your specific needs, allowing you to request bids from different parties.

Is Rip Rap a Permanent Solution?

Rip rap is extremely durable and can last a lifetime with annual maintenance. Make sure to inspect your rip rap erosion control post-storm or flood to see if any areas have been weakened and require additional material to be installed.

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