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Boat Haul Out Overview

What are Boat Haul Out Services?

Whether it’s the end of the boating season or your boat needs maintenance and repairs, you may need to remove your boat from the lake, river, or sea. The process of removing and transporting a boat is called boat haul out. Forklifts and cranes are commonly used to haul out a boat.

What Problems It Solves:

Contacting boat haul-out services to lift your boat out of the marine and perform a cleaning, equipment check-in, or other forms of maintenance offers many benefits that could save you money in the long run.

One of the problems that many boaters run into is the buildup of barnacles, weeds, and other organisms on the bottom of their boat. Repainting the bottom of the boat with antifouling paint during a haul-out can fix this problem.

Doing regular boat haul-outs can also fix any equipment issues you may have noticed. Technicians can inspect the propellers, shafts, and cutlass bearings during a haul-out.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Boat Haul Out


The advantages that come with investing in boat haul-out services include:

  • Top Service – If you are new to being a boat owner, maintenance can seem like a daunting task. Having a professional ensure that your boat is in excellent condition after every season can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Additionally, becoming familiar with a marina may help you find a place to store your boat in off-seasons.
  • Boat Longevity – When you haul out your boat at least once a year, your boat will not need as many boat repairs. This means your boat will stay like new for longer and even save you money on fuel efficiency.


The disadvantages that come with investing in boat haul-out services include:

  • Price – Worker’s insurance might also add on additional charges. This price varies from yard to yard, but this can be a disadvantage if you are trying to save money.
  • Reservations – Although some may see having a reservation as a good thing, if you do not know when you will be able to haul out or if you need to haul out immediately, many boat haul-out services will not serve you without a reservation.

Boat Haul Out Process


Using this guide, you’ll be on your way to understanding how to get started with boat haul-out services in no time.

  1. Pick a service that offers reasonable boat haul-out rates and expert-level services.
  2. Call the service to get a quote on cost from a contractor and reserve a time for your boat to haul out.


Be sure to have these materials on hand when preparing for a boat haul-out:

  • Proper Boat Permits
  • Boat Transportation
  • Information on Your Boat Build

Permitting Process

Obtaining a boat transportation permit will vary state by state, but here are some general guidelines:

  1. Provide a permit service your personal information.
  2. Pay a fee ranging from $15-$50
  3. Obtain the permit and make sure your vehicle is safe and prepared for an oversized haul.

Common Problems

Here are some common problems that many boat owners run into:

  • Insurance Issues – Some insurance companies will not cover all services like welding or grinding.
  • Boatyard Size – Be sure that you can safely get in and out of the marina before getting the yard to do your haul out. A poor measurement can be hazardous to your boat.
  • Weather Issues – Repainting cannot succeed in 100% humidity or rain. Make sure to plan or reschedule accordingly when the weather gets in the way.

Questions To Ask Contractors

Before paying any fees, be sure to ask your contractors these questions:

  • Should you approach bow or stern first?
  • How will your boat be supported ashore?
  • Whether electricity is charged separately and for how much?
  • What will the total cost be?
  • Is this marine yard a good fit for my boat regarding space?
  • Is their method of haul out compatible with my boat?

Different Types of Boat Haul Out

There are several different methods that you can use to haul out your boat. You should choose which method works best for your model of boat. 

Travel Lift

Your boat would head to a dock between two arms before being lifted vertically by slings. Since the middle of the boat isn’t supported using this method, this isn’t the best method for wooden boats.

Hydraulic Trailer

This method lifts your boat out of the water, similar to how a boat trailer would. This method is perfect for multihulls but can result in damage if done incorrectly.

Bull Forklift

This traditional padded forklift geared towards lifting small boats of up to 12 tons. Bull forklifts are not compatible with boats larger than this.

Careening Poles

These poles allow the boat to be worked on in a shallow area but are unsuitable for fin-keeled boats.


This method will lift the most weight, but there are risks involving crushing the hull.

Costs of Boat Haul Out

The total cost of hauling out your boat will depend on the size of your boat and the marina. Typically, boat haul outs run $26 per foot, and straps run around $100. Technicians can run up to $120 per hour; cranes cost up to $300 per hour. New paint, if your boat needs it following the service, can cost up to $600 per foot. Docking your boat tends to run cheap at around $2.50 per day; it will take about 4-5 days to be fully complete after a haul out takes place.

Depending on the equipment and boat haul out service you choose to lose, you will be looking at a large cost.

Bid & Buying Solicitation

While you can find a boat haul out contractor on your own, the fastest and most efficient way to do so is by using contractor matching websites such as Marine Matcher. We will use the details of your project to provide you with a contractor that will best match your needs.

DIY Solutions for Boat Haul Out

Although employing boat haul out services are the ideal method for most cases, there are times when doing it yourself can be useful.

For minor repairs, such as applying a new antifouling paint or cleaning the bottom of the boat, doing a DIY haul out can save you money. However, in cases where you are concerned about equipment malfunction or aren’t entirely comfortable working with haul out equipment, going to a profession can be better in order to prevent any injuries or damage to the boat.

To DIY a boat haul out, you will need to find a marina that will allow you to work on your boat in the yard. You will need to pay to use any hoisting machinery, but how you operate the rest of the process will be up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lay days included in the cost?

The amount of included lay days will vary depending on your marina, but these may be an additional cost.

Where does the boat go after a haul out?

Boats will be blocked ashore for easy access once they are hauled out.

Can I bring in outside contractors?

Typically, marinas want you to use their services and may even charge a fee if you bring in outside contractors.

How often should I haul out my boat?

It is recommended that you haul out your boat at least once per year, but once every two to three years should be acceptable for those wanting good boat health.

Using boat haul-out services not only guarantees that your boat will be in good health, but will save you money and time in the long run.

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