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In & Out Boat Services Overview

What Are In & Out Services?

In & out boat services provide summer storage for your boat, taking the stress out of your boating excursions. In & out services allow you to show up to your entry site and request your boat be loaded in the water, meaning you don’t have to worry about loading or hauling your own vessel.

When you are finished fishing, sailing, or cruising, in & out services take care of the removal, loading, and storage of your boat, so you can move on with your day feeling relaxed. No cumbersome trailer or stressful time spent loading required!

What Problems It Solves:

Loading, hauling, unloading, and covering your own boat can take up a lot of time—time that should be spent out on the water! By keeping your boat stored near the water, in & out services significantly cut back on loading time and provide safe storage when your boat is not in use.

Advantages & Disadvantages of In & Out Boat Services


The advantages of using an in & out boating service include:

  • Ease of use: The only feeling better than taking a cruise on a hot summer day? Not having to worry about hauling and loading your boat into the water. Utilizing in & out boating services makes getting out on the water extremely easy.
  • Additional safety due to experienced contractors: Loading, transporting, and unloading heavy boats can be dangerous when done by inexperienced parties, and potential damage can be extremely costly to repair. Let the professionals take care of the heavy lifting, and leave the relaxing to you.
  • More time on the water: All the time saved from not having to load and transport your own vessel means more time spent out in the sun with your loved ones.
  • Safe, ample storage: No need to keep your prized possession in your packed garage or sitting in the driveway for the summer. In & out services provide a safe place for your boat to stay and often have heated storage in the winter.
  • Make upkeep a breeze: For boats that often sit in the water at a boat slip, many in & out services offer what is known as half haul outs. This lower-cost option is a great time to do maintenance checks of the propeller and rudders as well as wash the hull down past the waterline, reducing the buildup of algae and barnacles.


The downsides to using in & boat services include:

  • An additional cost: Obviously, you can save money by loading, transporting, and unloading your boat if you do it yourself. However, for the ease of use and time saved by utilizing an in & out service, it is a cost-effective way to take back precious time. After all, summer doesn’t last forever, and that sparkling water is calling your name.
  • Cost of potentially using a boat slip: If you return from boating after hours, you will need to tie up at the marina, which may incur an additional fee.
  • First come, first served: While some services may allow for scheduled appointments, loading is often done on a first-come, first-served basis. This may mean you need to wait a bit if you arrive at peak times. However, many services do have multiple docks to cut down on potential wait times.

In & Out Boat Services Process


  • Find an in & out boat service contractor: At Marine Matcher, we can help connect you to a variety of great in & out services in your local area. Once you find one that fits your needs, you are one step closer to even better boat days.
  • Arrange for your boat to be stored: Some services will pick up your vessel from your home, while others may prefer you drop it off. Storage pricing will depend on the length and height of the boat.
  • Give them a call or show up: Picture this—it is a beautiful, sunny summer day, and you want to spend a few hours out enjoying the water. You can give a quick call ahead or just show up to your service provider, ask them to retrieve your boat, and be out on the lake in no time.
  • Get your boat in the water: Forklifts are used to unload your boat from its storage space in the warehouse before being placed in the water.
  • Enjoy your cruise: This is your time to shine, in the sunshine.
  • Get your boat back out: When you’re ready to head off to dinner or go back home for a bonfire, as long as you arrive before closing hours, staff will take care of removing your boat from the water for storage. In the event you get back after hours, you can often tie up in unused slips or other overflow areas. Check with your provider ahead of time to make sure you aren’t using a slip that has already been paid for.
  • Carry on with your day: Voila! No fussing around with snapping your boat cover on or loading it onto a trailer. How nice is that?

Questions To Ask Contractors

Questions to ask your potential in & out boating service include:

  • What are your open and close hours?
  • What is your policy for boats returned after hours?
  • Can I show up whenever to get my boat loaded, or do I need to call ahead?
  • How many docks do you have available?
  • What is the price of storage for my size of boat?
  • Am I able to utilize in & out services an unlimited number of times in one season?

Alternative Solutions to In & Out Boat Services

The alternative to using an in & out boating service is to store your vessel in a boat slip at a marina. This can be more or less expensive depending on the size and type of marina, but your boat will be set in the water, unlike the dry storage of an in & out service. This may be a better option for someone who is using their boat multiple times a week and does not wish to wait for a crew to remove and load their boat.

Another alternative is to keep your boat at your home and transport it via trailer every time you wish to drop in. This adds a lot of time and effort to what is supposed to be a tranquil time, and means you need to give up some of your space, whether in your garage, driveway, or pole barn, to your boat. 

Costs of In & Out Boat Services

The cost of in & out services is dependent on the size of your boat. For example, from a service in Spring Lake, MI, jet ski storage is $1,200, whereas 28 ft. boats are $2,400. Trailer storage will incur an additional fee.

Bid & Buying Solicitation

When speaking with potential service providers, get quotes on how much it would cost for summer storage, how many times you are able to utilize the service, and how much winter storage would be in the event you decide to leave your boat there.

DIY Solutions for In & Out Boat Services

While some in & out services have outdoor storage and ramps that allow you to transport and place your own boat in the water, this can take up a lot of time, especially when there are many people in line to do the same thing.

The process of uploading your own boat will not be as streamlined as the professionals have it, and there is a higher chance of something on your boat breaking or getting unnecessarily scratched. Protect your boat and your time with trustworthy in & out services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do In & Out Services Cost?

In & out boating service costs vary with the size of the watercraft. Prices for jet ski summer storage can be around $1,000, boats around 30 feet in length can be around $2,500, and boats at 50 feet can be over $5,000. Winter storage for these vessels is usually $500–$1,100 less than the summer rate.

What Is the Difference Between Boat Haul Out Services and In & Out Services?

In & out boating services are for the purpose of utilizing your boat on a regular basis. Boat haul out services are typically used when work needs to be done to the boat, or when it is being stored for the season.

How Do I Find a Contractor Who Offers In & Out Services Near Me?

Find an in & out boat service today with Marine Matcher. Enter your location and budget to find a service that fits your needs. Have even more fun this summer when you take the stress out of boat days.

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